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The perfect solution for your business.


Your idea became a project! Congratulations!

We at Blocknote Media wants to help you in creating a strong brand and company image by making you stand-out from the rest.

On the web, in print or at your events, concentrate on your goal, your audience and we will ensure you that you will be distinctively remembered with wonderful memories by your customers.

Complete solutions or just focused on a defined area. Our flexibility is not an empty promise, we adapt to you.


There is no doubt that the most influential platform now is the internet.


We can make your website stand-out from the crowd by making it user-friendly, injecting a modern design and most of all, by giving a boost and optimizing its search engine function.

Customised Web Project

With a customised web project you have a personalised solution that fits 100% to you and your business requirements.

Web Design

Modern and user-friendly design on smartphone, tablet or PC? We can create it as an enjoyable and be relaxing experience. And your customer will be so grateful with the experience.

Webhosting, Domain & Maintenance

As a full service agency we can offer a complete package including hosting and domain services using our highly reliable and efficient servers based in Europe.


Online shopping is booming. And now that’s the thing! So, if you need a support to deliver your goods to the buyers in an excellent way, we will be happy to help you. Online shopping with customer satisfaction, that’s your goal.


This is now where printing comes in


Sometimes the computer is deliberately left on the side. This is now where printing comes in. A beautiful brochure, an appealing business card or an aesthetic poster are still important to be remembered by the customer. Let us impress you, because nothing inspires us more than a blank sheet.

All different

Advertising has to be personal and that’s why we are open to different alternatives.
From informative brochures to playful stickers, we will find the solution to convey the right messages to your customers.

Everything from a single source

With personalized envelopes, business cards, stamps and much more. Everything for your everyday life. With your own signature, of course.

A project with heart

You have had a very special idea for a long time and don’t really know how to put it into reality? Or maybe you would like to see your extraordinary stories printed as a great book?
We can help you on that.

Do you want to inspire a wide audience?


Nothing fits better than our other solutions. Banners, flags labeled cars, personalized textiles, signs, roll-ups and promotional gifts. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will advise you with a great pleasure.


Large Format

Whether in large format such as banners, flags, signs, roll-ups, ... You decide what suits you and we promise you the attention in public!


Personalized Clothing

You are a great team and want clothing that unites you? Personalized clothing will leave a lasting impression and make you feel happy when you are together.


Promotional Gift

A little attention with a small gift. This way, the other person will remember the moment you shared. We offer a variety of products in all price range.


Your Lettering

Whether on your car, in the window or just in time for an event. We have your back because we know it is more beautiful to silently gaze at beautiful things.

We have endless possible ways to help you

Born out of our love
for design

Born out of our love for design, but most importantly for the person who needs an insightful advice for their project. We all know that Digital media is paramount in our world but prints and events still remain as an important component in reaching people in a targeted way.

We have endless possible ways to help you find the perfect solution not only for your needs but also for your budget so that your wishes come to life. A dynamic and young team are waiting for you!

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your project

Have a project? Let's make something great!