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Joël’s ArtBox

Joël Meiers


Joël’s ArtBox

Brightly, colored and vibrant works filled with a seductive, happy, funny and naive charm on 3D canvas. These words come to mind when you think of paintings by Joël Meiers.

We had the great pleasure of working with him. As a result, a nice and modern web shop came out about which you can order Joël’s art directly from home from the cushion. In the sense Luxusbuerg.

Thank you very much Joël for your trust and we look forward to the next project.

  • Skills

    HTML, CSS3, PHP, JQuery, XML

  • Client

    Joël Meiers

  • Tags

    Art, Joël Meiers, Joël’s ArtBox, Kunst, Luxembourg, Popup, Vianden

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