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Wengler Symposium

For the association Foyer Senior ASBL, which manages several clubhouses for seniors all over Luxembourg and organises events, a digitalisation for the registration of the events was sought.

To solve this problem, a new website was created with an agenda for all events and the possibility to register online. In addition, the user has the possibility to create his own online account, where he can store all the relevant information to him.

In addition to the digitalisation of the events catalogue, the association’s digital presence has also been revised. Each clubhouse has its own page with all the important information on events, staff and contact details.

Client: Foyer Seniors ASBL

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For the culture club „de Gudde Wëllen“ we transformed our shop package to an online auction platform.

The idea behind is to help artists getting over the difficult time by making their art public to the world and get people the possibility to buy an unique piece of Luxemburgish art culture.


1. September 2020




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